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How to create Soft Romantic Curls with Hair Straighteners

How to create Soft Romantic Curls with Hair Straighteners

Products & Tools used to complete this look:

Tail-Comb / Hair clips – Use a tail-comb (that is, a comb with a long, pointy bit on one end) and hair clips when sectioning, and tail-comb when teasing hair for extra volume.

Hairspray – It gives you great hold, volume and shine at the same time. Use medium hold hairspray, this will keep you curls all day without the helmet head effect!

Hair straighteners (Flat Iron) – This style can only work if you use a thin straightening flat iron that is about 1 inch (3cm) wide and not too thick. The thinner the hair straightener is, the more defined curls you will get.

Step-by-step instructions to complete this look

Step 1: Brush – Brush you hair thoroughly to make sure your hair is completely tangle free and smooth before you begin.

Step 2: Section hair – Divide hair into 3 parts:

  • Upper part (from temple to temple), clip away
  • Middle part (from ear to ear), clip away
  • Lower part

Step 3: Lower section – Divide a lower part of your hair into 3 sections. Large sections make large, loose curls and fewer of them. Spray one section with a hairspray. Set sraightener near hair roots and glide hairstraightner towards the ends TWISTING it at the same time. The size of the section you take influences the size and crispness of the curl.

Step 4: Middle part – Divide middle part into 4-5 sections. Smaller sections make smaller, tighter curls, and more of them. And again curl each section with a hairstraightener by sliding it from the roots towards the ends by twisting the sraightener around.

Step 5: Upper part – Tease upper part to give extra volume to the hair. Teasing at your crown – rather than all over – will give you just the right amount of volume. With the help of a tail-comb, separate a single strand or section of hair, possibly 1 inch wide. Firmly holding up the strand with one hand, gently brush against it. Make sure to keep a distance of approximately five inches from the scalp. Make sure that you create tangles that offer resistance. Keep on repeating the brushing, known as teasing, till you feel that you have attained the desired volume. After this, use some hairspray on the teased section and let it down gently.

Step 6: Upper part – Curl upper part after teasing. Take smalle sections of hair.

Step 7: Soften curls – Brush hair from middle downwards with your fingers to soften the curls.

Step 8: Fix – Gently spray hair with a hairspray.


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